Brand Description FAQ

Who are we as a brand and what do we aspire to be?

We are a brand that provides hair and skin protectant products. These products are essential in everyday use to fight against damage and breakage for no both skin and hair. We aspire to be a hero, making people feel good and the health of their skin and hair

Who are our products for?

Our products are made for those who are tired of wearing hats that give them a bed head and those individuals that are suffering from hair loss, damage, or even breakage of the hair.

What are the brand values?

Your hair is your crown
Protect it

What objectives do we want to achieve?

Saving clients money and saving their hair and skin from any potential damage

Why was Lusciously Silked created?

Was it created to solve a problem such as skin breakouts or hair problems

Lusciously Silked was created because The CEO Melissa Gadson was having hair, skin issues, and problems with her bonnets staying on all night it would always come off. And end result would be frizz and bed head. So that’s when She decided to create the Lusciously Silked brand specific for her client's needs
The very first product was beanies and grew to a much larger online store providing many other satin lined products.
All our products are perfect for everyday use.

Do you charge shipping?

Shipping is free on the U.S. for $50 + purchase.